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The path to becoming an artist has been a long and sometimes confusing one for me. All I can say at this point is that I am here because this is where God wants me to be. He has given me a certain amount of talent to be used for His purposes, and He has given me opportunities to grow in that field.

I learned about art mostly on my own while growing up. I took a few "classes" but these were not much more than times where space and materials were provided for youth to "do their own thing." My formal training took place at Pensacola Christian College where I studied under Brian Jekel and other accomplished Christian artists. It was there that the interest and ability began to take shape. The one common thread however, remains an inner urge to use art to communicate something greater than words can tell. That something greater is Truth.

Today, my work consists primarily of still lifes and portraiture. Calligraphy places a close third. The focus on capturing reality in beauty serves to prepare me for rendering Truth in a realistic manner when inspiration breathes. In one sense, both secular and sacred honor God equally, but in another, the secular is preparation for the higher calling of the sacred. My prayer as an artist is that God would speak to you through the images He has given me and that you would walk away blessed and encouraged. May you too enjoy a glimpse of life By His Light.

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